Barbara van der Linden

I was born in Holland, my family migrated to Mentone a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria.

We moved to Canberra where I studied fine art at the Canberra School of Art. With the help of a Commonwealth Scholarship I went on to study Graphic Design at the National School of Art at East Sydney Technical College.

On completion of my studies I was invited to teach Design and Drawing at the Canberra School of Art. I also taught Art in Canberra and NSW high schools. I worked as a Graphic Designer and Corporate Image Coordinator in the public service before becoming a full time artist in 2005. I founded the Marsden Arts Group in 2003.

As a migrant child with no extended family, I felt at times that I didn't fit in. A positive side-effect of this was that I began to delve into, and develop, my inner imagination, this visualisation of the world through my imagination has had a profound affect on my artwork.

My work is often experimental, strong in colour and uses a variety of subjects and media. Due to a need to connect and feel part of a community I am drawn to the subject of the human form mostly expressed through portraiture.